Pilates Mat Classes

The Pilates method is set of principles and corrective exercises designed to improve control of the trunk muscles. This allows the limb muscles to work more efficiently, leading to CORE STABILITY.

It also improves posture, flexibility, and coordination, without building muscle bulk. Other benefits may include relief from back pain, better balance and coordination, greater range of joint motion, improved circulation, improved muscle strength and tone. It has been demonstrated that Pilates reduces stress, anxiety, and depression.

All exercises are done in a calm and peaceful environment without distraction, and there is a focus on breathing control, resulting in a total conditioning of the body and mind which contributes to the sense of wellbeing that is felt at the end of a class.

How Do I Join?

EASY! Just call our friendly reception staff on 02 9675 5586 and ask to book in for a Pilates assessment and one of our physios will determine if Pilates is appropriate for you.

Term 3 Class Timtable

LEVEL 1 Foundation Classes

Commencing 12th July, 2021 and running till 17th September, 2021

MONDAYS  @ 5:30PM – 6:30PM

TUESDAYS @ 11:30AM – 12:30PM

More information

All participants undergo a pre- exercise assessment to determine the appropriate level of exercise to commence. Everyone will commence in a Level 1 class for their first term. 

No late entries beyond Week 2 as the programme is designed to upgrade each week. Strictly limited to 5 participants / class

Initial screen $50 and Classes $45 / class
TOTAL FEE $500 / term to be paid upfront prior to commencement**
**School holidays will run as casual classes or makeups for missed classes

Why choose us?

The content and quality of Pilates classes being taught in Australia and around the world today can vary enormously. Our classes are unique for the following reasons:

  1. Focusing on correct technique – we deliberately keep our classes and our fundamental repertoire of exercises small, so you have an opportunity to really understand why and how you do each exercise.
  2. The sequence of exercises – this is important to ensure strengthening and stretching occurs in such a way to maximise outcomes. By adding periodic stretching after strengthening exercises, muscles feel more comfortable and conditioned, contributing to a more relaxed state at the end of the class
  3. With our extensive experience in physiotherapy, exercises are taught in a detailed way with thorough understanding of anatomy and muscle function. With comprehensive injury knowledge, exercises can be modified to suit every individual in safe and graded manner.
  4. The layering effect- by thoroughly learning the principles of progression and regression, you can teach clients of differing ability levels in the same class without altering flow. Clients can also work to their own ability level and take responsibility for their own bodies.
  5. We teach you many variations
  6. Exercises are initially taught in a deconstructed way when more complex movements are introduced. This helps you prepare your body efficiently using correct muscle groups to perform the exercise
  7. Community is a big focus in our classes to create an inclusive, non-judgemental environment. Every client belongs in our classes and we go to great lengths to make sure everyone feels part of the family. Our class environment we create can be incredibly comforting and safe, especially when clients are going through emotional times. It is an opportunity to be mentally focussed and mindful.
  8. We incorporate basic anatomical education in classes which enhances a client’s knowledge and ability to articulate their movement to health professionals if required. We also explain why we do exercises and stretches to assist a client’s ability to self-manage niggly issues.
  9. We embrace the philosophy of “maximising every individual’s movement potential”. Often clients have created their own self-limiting beliefs about what they think they are physically capable of. Through nurturing encouragement and gently pushing their movement boundaries, these clients are overjoyed at what they can truly do!