Are you finding it difficult to exercise on land? Having trouble moving around easily? Then hydrotherapy may be the answer. All our participants undergo an assessment to determine suitability for hydrotherapy and to assist the physiotherapist in putting together a suitable program that is individualised just for you.

Hydrotherapy (Aquatic Physiotherapy)  is a specific form of physiotherapy treatment conducted in the pool. Aquatic Physiotherapy treatment (individually or in groups) incorporates individual assessment, diagnosis and the use of clinical reasoning skills to formulate a treatment program and specifically designed exercises supervised by physiotherapists. A series of gentle therapeutic exercises carried out in the water  allow greater comfort and range of movement as the water supports body weight. Therapeutic exercises can be progressed safely using the resistance of the water to strengthen the muscles and improve stability. 

For further information about how our physio’s can help you, give us a call on  9675 5586.

Term 2 timetable – Effective 19/4/2021 – 9/7/2021
Classes held at Charlie Lowles Leisure Centre Emerton

Thursdays        8:30am – 9:30am     
Thursdays        9:30am -10:30am