Exercise Rehabilitation

Physiotherapists have a strong background in exercise rehabilitation and prescription. For any musculo-skeletal injury, the likelihood of a recurrence is high if the injury is not completely rehabilitated with exercise. The exercises need to be specific to each patient and performed with good technique to get the most out of them. At In Control Physio, each patient undertakes a full assessment to ensure you are on the correct exercises and attends regular follow up sessions to ensure the program is working, being performed correctly and being progressed as necessary. This way you get the best possible outcome. 
Exercise programs can help the following: Acute and chronic joint and soft tissue injuries, weight loss, postural dysfunction, stress management, osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, pre and post op pain and general strength and conditioning. 
If you have a chronic injury or an injury that is not responding to treatment, are you on an exercise rehabilitation program? If not give us a call on 9675 5586 to book an assessment.